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Karen, London, UK.

Your response blew me away. I am very adept at putting up a front with people as I don’t like to reveal any vulnerability; however you’ve seen straight through that and have stripped me back, I feel, almost to the bone. Your assessment is virtually spot on and your experience shines through.

Sarah, USA

It was so great Drew. I’m thankful for your gentle way, in touch and in words. I’m grateful for the reminder of setting boundaries, of knowing myself enough to be able to communicate what I want and what I don’t. I leave from our session together feeling grateful, empowered, and calm. Thank you for what you do, the world is a better place with you in it, you are very skilled and bring much love and light. Thank you Drew.

Rina, Germany

Last night was a full-blown immersion into the divine. Thank you so much for your truth, realness, integrity and raw beauty. I’ll be integrating a lot over the next couple of days, so healing.

SA, Germany

My first tantric massage experience was amazing and the energy was unbelievable. I felt safe and great.


Drew has incredible energy, the massage was very deep, strong, I felt the heat all over my body, the burst of strength and energy of positivity. After the massage was a restorative deep sleep.